If NASA captures this asteroid, everyone on Earth would receive $93 billion

NASA Plans a Mission to an Asteroid That, If Captured and Distributed, Would Give Nearly $93 Billion per Person.

In the vast and mysterious outer space, there is a celestial treasure that defies any concept of wealth on Earth. This treasure is the asteroid 16 Psyche, a cosmic wonder believed to be worth the astounding sum of $700 quintillion. Although NASA has no intention of divvying up this bounty among the world's population, the mere idea of its value is staggering. If distributed equally among all the inhabitants of our planet, each person would receive nearly $93 billion. In this article, we'll explore the secrets behind this asteroid, its history, and why NASA has plans to visit it much sooner than you might imagine.

A Legendary Discovery

The asteroid 16 Psyche was discovered in 1852 by the renowned Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis. Its name comes from a legendary nymph who was the lover of Cupid, the god of love in Roman mythology. However, its mythological history pales in comparison to its astronomical value.

A World of Metal

What makes 16 Psyche so exceptional is its composition. This asteroid is composed of an astonishing 95% metals, primarily gold and nickel. Its size and metallic content make it an object of great interest to NASA and the scientific community at large.

A Cosmic Laboratory

NASA has plans to visit 16 Psyche, but not for its incredible value in terms of mineral resources. Instead, this space agency is drawn by the opportunity to study the asteroid's composition and compare it to that of Earth. Scientists believe that asteroids like Psyche have an extremely similar composition to our planet, which could provide valuable information about how Earth formed and how its core functions.

The Lure of Space Gold

The astronomical value of 16 Psyche has caught the attention of companies and visionaries seeking opportunities in space mining. Companies like EuroSun Mining are investing in developing the necessary infrastructure for resource exploitation in space. Morgan Stanley estimates that the space economy already has a value of $350 billion, but it's expected to reach $2.7 trillion by the year 2040.

Scott Moore, the CEO of EuroSun Mining, notes: "What we're doing now on Earth can be amazing, but like everything in life, even the search for gold in space is a matter of infrastructure. We'll get to it eventually." Moore emphasizes that space mining could be the next frontier in gold exploration, but it won't be the first stop on this adventure. It's already happening from an investment perspective, and the Asteroid Belt is just one part of this market. The global space market as a whole already has a value that exceeds the hundreds of billions of dollars.

An Interplanetary Journey

Currently, 16 Psyche is located 750 million kilometers from Earth. NASA has set its sights on this asteroid and plans to deploy its Psyche spacecraft in August 2025. The spacecraft is expected to reach its destination in 2026. This interplanetary voyage represents a milestone in space exploration and could reveal cosmic secrets of incalculable value.

Divvying Up a Cosmic Fortune

If you've ever wondered how much you'd be worth in the cosmic marketplace, here's a staggering answer. If the estimated $700 quintillion value of 16 Psyche were distributed equally among the approximately 7.5 billion inhabitants of Earth, each individual would receive a staggering sum of nearly $93 billion. It's a number that defies imagination and underscores the immensity of this space treasure.

Fascinating Facts About 16 Psyche

For those who want to know more about this fascinating asteroid, here are some additional facts:

  • The asteroid is named after a legendary nymph who was the lover of Cupid.
  • It was discovered in 1852 by the Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis.
  • If the projected value of the asteroid were distributed equally among all humans on Earth, each individual would receive $93 billion.
  • It has an average diameter of 140 miles (226 kilometers), about the distance between Los Angeles and San Diego or approximately the length of Massachusetts.
  • It has a surface area of 246,300 square miles (641,800 square kilometers), a little less than Texas.
  • According to radar research, 16 Psyche has a potato-like shape.
  • The asteroid is approximately three times the distance between Earth and the Sun.
  • In 2017, NASA's Psyche mission was authorized.


The asteroid 16 Psyche is a cosmic mystery that ignites the imagination and ambition of humanity. Although its monetary value is staggering, its true treasure may be the knowledge it will provide us about the formation of our planet and the workings of the universe. Space exploration and space mining are ever-growing fields, and 16 Psyche is just one of many treasures waiting in the vast depths of space. Who knows what cosmic secrets we'll uncover in the future, but one thing is certain: space remains a place full of surprises and infinite opportunities.

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